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The adventure continues!
Meanwhile, Jar Jar and Kathy Lee pose for a public photo session and a few other things....
Miso sexy!
Oh Kathy Lee Miso love it when you do that down there!

Later Jar Jar goes and tells his friends how manly he is and mocks Mr. T.
Miso have all the babes because Miso so manly and Mr. T is poo-doo!
Just then Mr. T arives!
Oh no Miso scared of Mr. T!
I'll teach you to mess with my woman fool!
Mr. T is not so bad, Miso think can take out Mr. T.  Miso with sharp pointy stick.
No so fast sucka!  I got something helluva better then a pointing stick and I am gonna turn you into a hunka banta poo!

To the exciting conclusion!