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One day Mr. T's manhood is challenged.
Hey!  I hear your woman Kathy Lee has been doin' the zero G lambada with that freak Jar Jar Binks.
WHAT!  That sucka better not be messin with my woman!  I pity his sorry ass if he even looks at my bitch!  I'm gonna find out the truth!

So Mr. T asks around to verify the rumor.
WHAT?!?  I can't beleave that it's true!  Women find that sucka Jar Jar more manly then me!  It's a lie!
Hey Woman!  Who is more manly - ME or that fool Jar Jar Binks?
Maybe if I hold my hands like this, I will look like him and the women will dig me again.
 I can't beleave it!  Even with the hands all the womens would rather date Jar Jar Binks then me!

 Mr. T then seaks professional help from our favorate sex expert, Dr. Ruth.
Well Mr. T - my advise is to demonstrate to ze woman in ze world that you are more of a man then Mr. Binks.  In other words, BUST THAT SUCKA UP!

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